Industries of Opportunity

Our core focus is to work with & invest in 6 industries worldwide. We take an untraditional approach in our representation unlike traditional firms we seek to partner with CEOs, VPs, PE, High Net Worth Individuals, publicly traded companies, Family Offices, and others to achieve the goals of our portfolio companies. With a team of 20+ consultants inside ACCM, we prioritize getting it right the first time, with our pre-acquisition and post-acquisition strategies we understand what we can do and what we can’t do, therefore we only invest in companies that we know we can scale. We believe if we have relationships spanning the globe in virtually every industry, we can achieve what others cannot, we assist companies with cross-border transactions and have deep knowledge of the industries we work with.

Value-Add Investing

"A true Value-Add partnership is marked by freedom to share, enhance discussions that lead to innovated growth."

Ashton | Cook Capital Management Inc. (“ACCM”) is a multi-level strategy capital management firm with $875 Million in assets under management. Our firm is led by a team of skillful entrepreneurs, operators, investors, and consultants, with deep knowledge and relationships across the globe, from Dublin to Durban, Minneapolis to Manila, Pakistan to Poland, and Chile to China. Our job is to focus our business acumen and leverage our extensive contacts globally: channeling knowledge and value. Formed by a team of internationally acknowledged strategists; the company capitalizes upon a global network of movers and shakers; high-energy, high-net-worth individuals, and international business leaders. We acquire companies that we believe to be either underperforming or ripe for significant growth/turnaround and look for a long-term relationship with existing management.





Renewable Resources


Construction & Real Estate


Transportation & Logistics


Industrial Manufacturing & Waste


Financial Services


Our Services

Our Management has spent decades analyzing, investing, managing, and running companies from 4M-5B in sales, paired with our unique network and touchpoints, we focus on speed to market. Before we start, we ask ourselves “how much value can we add to this opportunity after the Investment with our own network”, if we can’t add value with growth, we pass on the opportunity.

With our own in house consulting firm we specifically focus on our own portfolio. Our advisory and consulting side of ACCM is a comprehensive, successful, highly experienced International Consulting team with 200+ years of Executive Level Management experience running $1B dollar Revenue companies.

If we decide to partner together here are the services you would be receiving.


Business Consulting & Advisory



Risk Analysis

Staffing Services

Profit Analysis



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